Nov 08

Redux: Overestimate the Risks, Underestimate the Gains

Most people fear change because they overestimate the risks and underestimate the gains. If you want to convince them to change, you have to address both issues.” from 37 Signals writeup on how to escape the waterfall. The Waterfall Model is a philosophy regarding the software development process originating from back in the 1970’s. A more modern approach, which has been gaining significant recognition, is Agile Software Development. Agile started in the 1990’s because “the waterfall model [was] seen as bureaucratic, slow, demeaning, and inconsistent with the ways that software engineers actually perform effective work.”

A redux is an item I posted about once, and more than a year later I still think it is every bit as interesting and relevant. If you missed it then, perhaps you’ll enjoy it now.