Developers Switching to the Mac

Mark Nutter writes about Why Developers are Switching to Mac.

“Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t come bundled with PHP, Rails, or any other open-source web development frameworks or languages any time soon. More and more of what we do is in the cloud these days anyways and it is almost starting to feel quaint when you come across new software that runs solely as a desktop client. Microsoft has painted themselves into a corner – they rely on closed formats and standards in a world where open source software, open formats, and open standards are king.”

I have to agree. I know very few web developers that have Windows and like it. Most “Web 2.0″ developers I know already have Mac’s, or are planning to switch soon, which makes me wonder what that will happen long term … if all future software is on the web (which seems to be the case more and more each year), and all of that is developed on non-Microsoft tools, will Microsoft cease to be relevant?

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